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Dönerstag 003: Hisar Fresh Food

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

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Yorckstraße 49, 10965 Berlin

Bezirke: Tempelhof - Schöneberg (Schöneberg)

Overall Döner Score: 6.5/10

Notes: 5 is the baseline in this rating system. That means anything above 5 is above average and everything below is below average.

Bread (8/10): Crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside. Very fresh.

Sauce (6/10): Standard sauces: Knoblauch, Kräuter, Scharf, but all are homemade. I am very happy to report that the Scharf was properly spicy but not overly so. My girlfriend had hers with Kräuter and Knoblauch and felt that neither were very flavorful.

Toppings (5/10): They had the standard Döner fixins— Lettuce, onions, tomato, cucumber. Nothing too special here.

Meat (7/10): The meat at Hisar is sliced paper thin by a Döner robot. It was not, in my opinion, leagues better than other Rindfleisch Döner, but It seemed to be of high quality and tasted good. I did feel that they skimped on the meat, especially given how thin they cut it. In addition to Rindfleisch, there are also chicken and veggie options. Interestingly, there are two lines— one for customers ordering chicken, and another for those ordering beef (Rindfleisch). I am not sure where vegetarians are supposed to stand.

Overall impression: Hisar seems to pride itself on the freshness of its ingredients, and on this it certainly delivers. However, there is nothing here that really stood out as exceptional. The Dönerbot and line situation are notable but, in my opinion, don't contribute enough to the experience to bring up Hisar's rating. Personally, I would not travel out of my way for this Döner, but I wouldn't knock you if you did.

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