• Brett Myers

Dönerstag 009: K'Ups Gemüse Kebab


Overall Döner Score: 7/10

Notes: 5 is the baseline in this rating system. That means anything above 5 is above average and everything below is below average.

Update: I lowered my rating of last weeks review from a 6.5 to a 6.


Kastanienallee 102,

10435 Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg)


My Thoughts:

I do not remember who suggested K'Ups to me, but, if I recall, someone prefaced it with something along the lines of "all other Gemüse Kebabs in the city are garbage compared to K'Ups." What an endorsement! I love Gemüse Kebab but took this with a hefty dose of skepticism.

The two things that stood out to me about K'Ups are 1. that the vegetables are front and center. I am not sure that this is the norm at K'Ups, or it just happened to be this particular sandwich, but I found that the meat definitely took a backseat to the mountain of veggies piled alongside it. 2. The atmosphere. I don't think K'Ups will be winning an interior design award any time soon, but it is clear by the considerate lighting, seating and decor that a bit more thought has been put into this space than most Döner places. The owners went all in on the industrial look and, at least in my eyes, it paid off. The other thing I particularly enjoyed about this kebab was the scharf (spicy) sauce. It had an appropriate level of spiciness and an interesting, almost Chinese five-spice flavor to it. The other sauce options are your standard Knoblauch and Kräuter. The Salat options were also your normal Gemüse Kebab offerings— soft white cheese, onion, lettuce and fried veggies.

In the end, what I found is that K'Ups is indeed a a very good Gemüse Kebab, but certainly not the best I have had in Berlin. I wouldn't even say it is the best I have had in Berlin this month. Maybe I am eating too much Döner...



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